5 Ways To Stay Motivated Now That Game Of Thrones Has Returned To TV

Today is the 12th of April, 2015, and for all the normal people out there, this means nothing. For the rest of us, though, today is a very special day.

This is a day for bloodshed and betrayal, for excitement and drama, and most importantly, for dragons!

In case that didn’t give it away, the first episode of the 5th season of Game Of Thrones airs tonight!

Which means we’ll be watching a lot more TV, and probably exercising less than normal. (Let’s be honest – who wants to work out when they could watch GoT?)

You don’t need to worry, though, because I’ve got a quick-fix for your GoT-induced-motivation-loss. (Is that even the scientific name for it?)

These are my top 5 ways to stay motivated during this season of GoT.

Because remember; winter IS coming.

#1: Watch these videos of Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane lifting absurd amounts of weight

Did you know that the actor who plays The Mountain is actually a world champion weight lifter?

The 6’9” 400 pound behemoth can lift a 310 pound boulder above his head, and he does it like it’s nothing.

He can also deadlift a whopping 880 pounds, a truly spectacular feat.


(No wonder Oberyn couldn’t finish him off; the man is a machine!)

If you want to be as big and strong as Gregor, watch these videos and I guarantee that you’ll be more than motivated enough.

#2: Print out the face of your GoT crush and write “It’s all for you <3” underneath, then frame it above your TV

If you do this, every time you watch GoT you’ll see the face of your crush (in my case it’s Daenerys… obviously) , and you’ll be instantly motivated to go and workout.

But… Maybe wait until the episode has finished.

You don’t want to risk missing it and having it spoiled by assholes on Facebook. (Which is exactly what happened to me with the Red Wedding…)

And, after this season of GoT finishes, you can leave the picture up on your wall and whenever someone asks you who it is, just tell them it’s your girl/boyfriend and you’re in a long distance relationship. (It works every time.)

#3: Create a fun workout game that ties in with the episode (somehow)

There’s a popular GoT inspired drinking game where you have to take a shot/finish your beer every time a Stark mutters the famous words “winter is coming”.

It’s a lot of fun as a drinking game (you’ll get trashed), but it’s even more fun as a workout game.

Whenever Tyrion tries to drink himself to death, or whenever someone dies, or hell, whenever you see a pair of titties, drop to the floor and do 10 pushups.

By the end of the episode you’ll be exhausted, and one step closer to looking drop dead sexy for your GoT crush. (Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, I will make you mine. I swear it by the old gods and the new.)

#4: Imagine you’re a knight of Westeros (and you’re training for war)

How fun does that sound! You get to actually be a knight and fight in a real war!

Err… Not really, but you can at least pretend you are while you’re working out.


I often pretend I’m Robb Stark, getting ready to take on the Lannisters in an epic battle of honor and glory, and it really forces me to give 100% during my training sessions.

I mean yeah, sure, my gym buddy quit after I repeatedly demanded he call me “King in the North” and kept quoting the words “Winter is coming”, but it was fun while it lasted.

Bonus: you’ll feel double motivated if you create your own GoT costume so you can look the part while exercising.

#5: Accept that your level of physical activity will probably drop significantly

Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try we’re not going to be able to keep as fit and healthy during this season of GoT as we would like.

And you know what?

That’s alright!

(To be perfectly honest, I don’t think Jaime Lannister “exercises” or “diets”, and look how fit and strong he is!)

As long as you get in a bit of exercise and try your hardest to eat healthier, that’s good enough!

And maybe, when season 5 has finally finished and we all get back to our normal lives, you can get back on track with your fitness goals by clicking here.

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