Ashley Thorne-Jeffrey: Trainer Profile

Ashley Thorne-Jeffrey

Hi, my name’s Ashley Thorne-Jeffrey. A die-hard about fitness, health, nutrition, and general well-being.

I’m always doing something; whether it’s training at the gym, surfing down at the beach, or just kicking back and cooking a delicious (and nutritious) meal.

One thing about me is that I love to run; on the road, on the sand, on the beach, I don’t care where it is, I just love pushing myself to my absolute limits every single day.

It’s this passion for pushing myself which has lead me right here, writing this “about me” section that you are now reading.

You see, I wasn’t always a fit, exercise-loving “health freak”.

Nope, back in my teen years, I was pretty fat.

Long story short, over the period of about a year and a half, I managed to lose weight (and at the same time I developed an addiction to exercise and nutrition!)

It was this new-found love of exercise, nutrition, and general good-health, that lead me into pursuing a degree in exercise and sport science.

And, it lead me to create Burning Fitness; a haven of information about all things weight loss, nutrition, exercise, and health.

It’s my mission to provide (hopefully) helpful and (hopefully) entertaining content to my readers (that’s you!), with the goal being that you can take my advice and turn it into real-life success.

Whether your goal is to lose a little bit (or a lot!) of weight, get toned up for summer, or just be healthier in general, I’ve got you covered.

Where to now? Well, you’ve got a few options.

You can join the mailing list; an email-based service where I’ll send you helpful weight-loss related information every 2-3 days. It’s 100% free to join, and all you have to do is tell me what email address you want me to send the emails to.

You can check out the latest articles on the homepage, I try to keep them short and sweet, and each one is on a different topic. They’re written in a way that you can easily grab a few key points, and instantly improve your diet, exercise program, or outlook on life.

Finally, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. Any time a new article is posted, I post an update to social media instantly, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.