The 3 Diet Fails You Might Be Making That Could Be Preventing You From Losing Weight

diet failsWe all know that in order to lose weight, we need to make changes to our diet, and to our activity level.

Simply put, we need to exercise more, eat less, and eat healthier.

The “exercise more” part is straightforward, but when it comes to diet, people tend to make some pretty big mistakes.

Somewhere along the way we fall into bad habits, buy into cons and scams, and make bad decisions.

These are 3 of the most dangerous (and sadly, the most common) diet fails that might be preventing you from losing weight:

1. Skipping Breakfast

This is a pretty big diet fail, and it’s one that a LOT of people are guilty of doing.

(I used to fall into the habit of skipping breakfast, too!)

So I know exactly how easy it is to just wake up, go straight to work/school, and eat nothing until around 1PM.

But why is skipping breakfast such a bad thing?

Doesn’t it adhere to the “eat less” rule?

Well, not really, no.


In fact, by skipping breakfast (and by being much hungrier than you should be by lunch-time), you are FAR more likely to overeat at your next meal.

And not just overeat, you’re more likely to give in to temptations and eat something you know you shouldn’t as a “snack”.

(Like a donut… Or a piece of cake… Or an extra 3 biscuits with your cup of tea… etc.)

So stop skipping breakfast, your body needs fuel in the morning, and you’ll lose more weight in the long run.

Need some ideas for a healthy breakfast? We got you covered right here.

2. Cutting out Carbs and Fat

I don’t really know where this trend started, but all over the internet I see people wondering why they aren’t losing any weight on their carb/fat free diet.

(In some cases, they’re actually gaining weight.)

These people aren’t just trying to cut down a little on fat or carbs (which can be a good thing if done properly).

They’re eating NO carbs, or they’re eating NO fat.

(What’s next? The no food diet? How about no water or air? Absolutely ridiculous…)

And hell, you might be one of the people I’m talking about.

After all, we’re bombarded with adverts and “news” about how we should be avoiding fat (and more recently, carbs) if we want to lose weight.

So why not just cut them out entirely?

Because our body NEEDS these macro-nutrients in order to function properly.

A much better method is to create a MyFitnessPal account, and track your calories and macro-nutrients (fat, carbs, protein) to make sure you aren’t eating too many.

3. Reducing your calorie intake too severely

This is by far more common with women (don’t ask me why, I don’t know), but men are guilty of doing this too.

You decide to lose weight, and you know that if you eat less you’ll lose weight.

So what do you do? You decide that instead of reducing your calorie intake by around 25%, you’ll reduce it by 50%, or 60%, or even 70%.

Surely, if you start eating half as much as usual, you’ll end up weighing half as much as usual.


This isn’t actually the case though.

Yeah, you’ll lose weight.

Probably a tonne of weight too.

But when you’re essentially starving yourself, the weight you lose isn’t fat.

Water and muscle will make up the majority of the weight lost, which isn’t what you want.

Not to mention you’ll feel like shit and within a week or two you’ll be back to your normal diet (where you’ll put the weight right back on, instead this time it will be fat you gain and your muscle won’t come back.)

Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?

To avoid this nasty outcome, it’s safer to reduce your calorie intake by a sensible amount (around 25%, but not much more!)

There you have it folks, 3 of the worst diet fails (and how best to avoid them).

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