Does Sex Help You Lose Weight? (The Answer May “Cum” As A Surprise!)

Does Sex Help You Lose Weight

So, my dear reader, I’ve got a question for you. Does sex help you lose weight?

We all know that exercise burns calories, which in turn leads to weight loss, but what about sex?

You could say that sex is technically a form of exercise (since your body is moving), which would mean that it too would burn calories, which would then lead to losing fat.


(I can’t be the ONLY ONE who has ever put some serious thought into this…)

In an effort to uncover the truth about this very important topic, I took to Google and searched “Does Sex Help You Lose Weight?”, and honestly, I was quite surprised by what I found.

There are hundreds and hundreds of websites out there that say sex is great for losing weight, but, there are just as many that say the complete opposite.

So who got it right? Does sex help you lose weight? Or would you be better off holstering your passion-pistol and going to the gym instead?

I’m going to answer this question once and for all, right now.

Does Sex Help You Lose Weight?

can sex help you lose weight?

The short answer is yes, of course sex helps you lose weight.

During sex your body is in motion (and if it isn’t you’re definitely doing it wrong), which it can’t do without expending energy.

And, this expended energy eventually leads to you losing weight (fat).

Case closed, end of discussion, time to rip your clothes off and have some great sex with your partner, all in the name of “losing weight”.

Well, before you run off to do that (or after, maybe, I ain’t gonna stop ya…), it’s not quite as black and white as you might think.

Sure, having sex burns calories, which means if you have enough sex you will lose weight.

But just how many hours of sweaty, glorious sex would you have to “endure” to see any real results?

Let me break down the math for you:

  • A Doctor over at Quick and Dirty Tips estimated that during 30 minutes of sex, you can expect to burn anywhere between 85 and 150 calories.
  • A writer at Womans Day claimed that during a 30 minute love-making session, you would burn upwards of 144 calories.
  • And, yet another website Live Strong says that you will burn “an average of” 200 calories in a half hour session.

Three different websites, with three wildly different answers when it comes to the question of how many calories are burned during sex.

I took it one step further and went to an actual Sex Calorie Calculator, put in all my details, and got a new answer of 84 calories in 30 minutes.

Taking the average of all of these different answers, I got 136 calories per 30 minutes of sex.

Or 272 calories an hour.

But hold on, what type of sex are they referencing when they give these values?

Missionary? Doggy style? Cowgirl?

What about oral? Or anal? Or that other position your boyfriend wants to try but you’ve got morals so you tell him “maybe on your birthday”?

Sorry, I’m getting a bit off track.

To put this in perspective, at 272 calories burned per hour you’d have to have about 13 hours of sex to burn 1 pound of fat.

If you’re young, fit, or just really, really horny, this might seem rather easy to you.

sex is good for weight loss

This dude could go for 13 hours straight, no problemo.

But if you’re not superman/superwoman, 13 hours probably sounds like a ludicrous amount of sex, especially if you’re only going to lose one measly pound of fat.

And, it is.

Sorry gents, but because of you and your premature ejaculation, the average duration of sex in the UK is only 8 minutes.

(It’s not your fault though, blame it on your gorgeous girlfriends for getting you so turned on.)

Either way, with an average sex duration of 8 minutes, you’d need to have sex a whopping 97.5 times to hit that 13 hour mark!

(All just to lose one single pound of fat.)

For those of us who don’t have sex very often, it could easily take a year (or three) to hit this goal.

So, does sex help you lose weight?

Well, yeah, I guess, but it kind of sucks too. (And not in a good way!)

You’re far better off just going for a run.

But that’s not what you wanted to hear, is it?

You wanted me to give you the green light to have as much sex as possible so you can justify it as a weight loss method.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

I did a bit more research and discovered that, actually, sex is pretty awesome as a weight loss workout, (despite the fact that it doesn’t burn many calories.)

And, the reason why sex is so good for weight loss differs between men and women.

Let me explain.

Men, you need to consider your muscle mass.

Here’s a little fact for ya: having sex regularly promotes muscle growth.

Meaning if you have a lot of sex, you’ll get stronger, fitter, musclier, and sexier.

I’m not talking about “making love”, either. This sex needs to be hard and fast.

You need to really fuck your girl/guy.

Here’s another fact you might like; did you know that for every pound of muscle you gain, your body burns an extra 5-6 calories per day?

That might not seem like a lot, but if we extrapolate and account for an entire year, that’s about 2/3 of a pound of fat.

Nothing to really brag about, but hey, fat loss is fat loss.

And if you get to lose weight by having a fuck load of sex, you don’t really get to complain.

What are the best sex positions for gaining muscle?

In my opinion, the award for best sex position for muscle growth would have to be missionary.

Simply because you’re supporting your entire body with your arms, and thrusting through the lower body.

(Kind of like a pushup, except it’s just your lower body moving up and down.)

Another favourite would have to be the “mare and swing”

When performing the mare and swing, you need to have exceptional core stability in order to keep your back straight, which will help to build your ab muscles.

(Okay, I only threw that last one in because the picture was absurd, but you get the idea.)

Grab your girl (or guy, hell, I ain’t judging), tell them that you NEED to have sex because it will help you lose weight, and fuck their brains out.

As for the women reading this, there’s a different reason why sex is great for your weight loss.

Ladies, it’s all about the hormones for you.

Oxytocin, to be precise.

In a recent study, it was found that immediately after orgasm a large amount of oxytocin was released.

Long story short, this means that after you cum (kudos to your guy by the way), you’ll be less stressed, more relaxed, and above all else, ready to go to sleep.

This helps you to lose weight in two ways, and they are:

  1. Since you’re tired, you’re more likely to get a good night’s sleep, which we all know is essential if we want to lose weight, and
  2. The more you have sex and the more you achieve orgasm, the more relaxed and less stressed you’ll become, which in the long run will help you stick to both your diet and your exercise program.

So there you go ladies, those are just two good reasons why you should have sex as much as physically possible.

Does Sex Help You Lose Weight

Be spontaneous. Have sex in a waterfall.

Let’s have a quick recap before finishing.

  • You burn approximately 272 calories per hour during sex, which isn’t all that much by itself, but…
  • As a man, having a lot of sex will build muscle mass, which will help you in your weight loss endeavors.
  • And as a woman, you get a massive boost of oxytocin when (or if…) you orgasm, which also helps you to lose weight.

Considering everything we’ve discussed above, I’ll ask the question one last time.

Does sex help you lose weight?

Yes, it sure as hell does, and it’s awesome.

Have more sex, lose more weight, become fitter and sexier and happier, and have even more sex.

It’s the best kind of self fulfilling prophecy, because you get to bust a nut and you get to justify it by saying it’s good for your health.

So bring it up tonight when you’re with your partner.

Tell them it’s important for your fitness goals, and that if they really love you they’ll help you out.

And make sure you fuck all. night. long.

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