5 Healthy Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss (Number #3 Will Make You Say WTF!?!)

Healthy Dinner Ideas For Weight LossSo many emails from so many people demanding a followup to this “mini-series” on healthy meal ideas for weight loss, I knew I had to get to work quick before the momentum wore off and everyone stopped caring.

If you haven’t read the breakfast or lunch articles, you can do so by following these links:

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So here it is, a week and a half later, the finale you’ve all been waiting for!

5 Healthy Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss

1: Chicken BLT

This one is perfect for all you meat lovers out there.

You know what a normal BLT is, right?


Bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo… Duh.

Well, the Chicken BLT improves this already epic recipe, by replacing the bread with, you guessed it, chicken.

Bonus points if you include an egg, because as we discussed in the breakfast article, eggs are damn awesome.

2: Chicken Stir Fry W/ Brown Rice

Another delicious meal centering around chicken, this stir fry will be guaranteed to tickle your taste buds in just the right way.

Fry some chicken (cut into small chunks) in a frying pan, throw in copious amounts of soy sauce, broccoli, corn, cauliflower, and whatever other vegetables you feel like adding.

Then, throw the brown rice in too, and let that sucker FRY.

Again, bonus points if you add an egg or two (but you don’t have to).

3: A Bowl Of Cereal

Sometimes you’ve just got no food at home, or you can’t be ‘effed cooking anything.

That’s me at least twice a month, so what I do is just eat a huge bowl of cereal.

No, I’m not advocating eating a massive bowl of Cocoa Pops or Fruit Loops.

Something healthy like Oatmeal with banana, cinnamon, almonds, and honey.


Speaking of, I might make myself a bowl right now.

4: Steak with mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn, and carrots.

A good source of protein, fat, and carbs, this dinner strikes a perfect balance between food that tastes amazing, and food that’s good for you.

There really isn’t that much to say for this one, just watch the steak as you’re frying it so it doesn’t burn.


And, depending on how you cook your vegetables, make sure you don’t overcook them either.

It’s very easy to overcook vegetables, and they’ll taste horrible.

Serve with gravy if you’re not too worried about calories; gravy is delicious.

5: Subway! … Yes, really, subway.

For those of us who are short of time, out and about, or just very lazy, subway can be a great choice.

Notice how I said “can be”?

When it comes to Subway (and every other “restaurant” that is notorious for being the “healthy choice”), you really need to watch what you choose to eat.

Chicken teriyaki on wheat bread with a lot of salad? Yes! Good! Eat it!

Pizza sub with BBQ sauce, three kinds of cheese, added bacon, and no salad, on white bread?

I think you get the point…

I could have mentioned about 100 other healthy dinner ideas for weight loss, but…

I guess you’ll just have to wait for the next article 😛

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