This is a list of various weight-loss/fitness resources that you might find helpful.

From diet plans, to workouts, to supplements, to motivation, to calorie tracking and calculating tools, you’ll find it all here.

Top Recommended:

From Fat To Fit – Written by our very own Ashley Thorne-Jeffrey, this eBook contains everything you could ever want to know about his amazing weight loss transformation. Ranging from what he ate, to how much exercise he did, to how he was feeling on any given day – it’s all here in this short-but-sweet eBook. At only X pages long, you can read it in its entirety in a single sitting and take action instantly.


The Paleo Recipe Book – If you’re not following a diet that’s at the very least similar to Paleo, you’re severely limiting your weight loss potential. The Paleo Recipe Book is exactly what the name suggests; a cookbook with nothing but Paleo recipes. There are over 370, and each one is delicious, nutritious, easy-to-cook, and great for losing weight. At only $25 USD, the Paleo Recipe Book is an awesome little cookbook that will provide you with plenty of fresh and exciting new ideas, which you will continue using for many years after losing weight.