7 Awesome Tricks To Lose Weight Fast (#3 Will Shock You)

It’s 2015, and in a world where Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram reign supreme, people don’t want to spend an hour reading a massive, boring article on all the subtle nuances of weight loss anymore.

No, we’d much rather have the condensed version, a few dot points, hell, maybe even a fun “top 10” style list.

Something with a cool title like…

7 Awesome Tricks To Lose Weight Fast (#3 Will Shock You)

Perfect! Everyone will love that.

Is that what you want?

Cause that’s what you’re about to get.

(Dropping all of the buzz-words, we’re left with “7 Tricks To Lose Weight Fast”, which isn’t as sexy, but it is exactly what I’m about to give you.)

Oh, and #3 will probably still shock you. (Fair warning.)

1. Realize that there’s no such thing as “tricks to lose weight fast”

Weight loss isn’t something that you can achieve overnight, and no amount of “tricks” are going to change that fact.

Instead of looking for the easy way out, you need to come to terms with the truth; it’s going to take weeks, months, or even years before you fully achieve your goals of losing weight.

And that’s OK!

Because once you’ve accepted that it will take some time to lose weight, you’ll start looking for a legitimate solution instead of temporary band-aid fixes.

2. Drink plenty of water (and cut out soda ASAP)

Water has the awesome ability to reduce your hunger significantly.

Seriously, 5 times out of 10 if you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty.

Don’t believe me? Test it for yourself.


Instead of grabbing something to eat, drink a glass or two of water, wait for a few minutes, and your “hunger” will be gone.

Also, do yourself a favour and cut out soda entirely.

For real, that stuff is nothing but sugar and calories, with literally no nutritional value.

3. Sleep more! You deserve it 🙂

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, eh?

But it’s true! Sleeping more will help you lose weight.

Believe it or not, there are a few reasons why this is true. (But I’ll just tell you the most important one.)

If you’re over-tired you’re going to be more likely to make bad decisions (like eating bad foods) because your reward center gets all revved up, looking for something that feels good.

4. Sign up for a My Fitness Pal account and start tracking calories

Possibly the best “trick” I can teach you, it is absolutely vital that you are tracking everything that goes into your body.

Every meal, every snack, every glass of milk, hell, every sip of beer needs to be accounted for and added to your food diary.

And, at the end of the day, you can see exactly how many calories under or over your goal you were.

Oh, you don’t know how many calories your goal should be?

That’s OK, just head on over to this calorie calculator and fill in your details.

Then do a quick google search for “MFP”, create your free account, and start tracking!

5. Stick to my golden rule of exercise, and you’ll be fine

My golden rule when it comes to exercise is pretty simple; do 5 sessions of moderate cardio a week, and do 2-3 resistance training sessions a week.


(If you’re one of those people who thinks they shouldn’t be lifting weights, give my other post “is cardio the best way to lose weight? a little read.)

Not only will the cardio+resistance training combo help you lose weight, it’ll also make you stronger, fitter, and sexier.

So get your ass to the gym.

6. Stock your fridge with fruit, vegetables and meat

And ditch the processed crap.

When I was losing weight this was my biggest struggle, I just didn’t know what foods I should have been eating.

But it’s simple.

Fruit? Good.

Meat? Good.

Vegetables? Very good.


Eggs, nuts, and seeds? You bet your ass they’re good.

Anything else? Probably not so good.

And it if comes pre-packaged, there’s a very good chance you shouldn’t be eating it.

(Check out reason #3 in my post “4 reasons you’re not losing weight” for a more detailed explanation on why pre-packaged foods are bad for you.)

7. Stop stressing so much, it’s making you fat(ter)

Weight loss takes time, and will only be slowed down if you keep stressing about it.

As long as you’re eating a bit less, eating a bit healthier, and exercising a bit more every day, you’ll lose weight eventually.

It’s not a case of “if”, but simply “when”.

And although there are no actual tricks to lose weight fast, you can speed up the process slightly by knowing what’s going on in your body.

By learning the basics about nutrition, motivation, and exercise, you’ll be able to make informed decisions that directly affect your weight loss efforts.

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