What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight (#3 Is Just SO Delicious!)

What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose WeightAs the old saying goes; “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

Doubly so when you’re trying to lose weight.

Do you know what to eat for breakfast to lose weight?

If you’re here, you probably don’t.

(Pretty fair assumption I think.)

Did you know that if you don’t eat enough at breakfast, you’re more likely to binge eat bad food?

Or that if you eat something that’s unhealthy for breakfast, you’re more likely to keep eating unhealthy food throughout the day?

Just goes to show how important a healthy breakfast is for losing weight.

And lucky for you, there are plenty of healthy options out there.

These are just a few of them:

What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight

1. Eggs on toast

Man, this has to be my all time favourite breakfast.



Because you can cook the eggs in so many different ways.

Fried eggs.

Scrambled eggs.

Poached eggs.

Boiled eggs.

Hell, there are probably ways to eat eggs with toast that I haven’t even seen yet, that’s just how versatile they are.

Delicious, nutritious, and they’ll fill you up.

Can’t go wrong with an egg on toast.

2. Green smoothies

Speaking of green smoothies, I’m actually sipping on one right now as I write this post.

If you don’t know what a green smoothie is, it’s basically just a healthy smoothie with either spinach or kale (or another vegetable that turns it green.)

Now, before you call me a weirdo, hear me out.

They actually taste really good if you put the right stuff in.

For example, the one I make for myself most of the time has almond milk, bananas, spinach, and frozen berries.

It tastes exactly like a smoothie you’d get from a juice bar, but it’s way healthier because of the spinach and almond milk.

Not to mention it’s low in calories, so you don’t have to go hungry throughout the day.

3. Oatmeal

The breakfast of bodybuilders is also a great breakfast for those trying to lose weight.

Although it’s¬†relatively low in calories, the real reason to eat oatmeal is the versatility and the “full” feeling you get after eating it.

You can make oatmeal with all sorts of other “toppings”.


Bananas, berries, honey, almonds, cranberries, dark chocolate (don’t use too much!), etc.

I’d say that they’re even more versatile than eggs.

As well as that versatility, they fill you up really well.

A small bowl of oatmeal is going to keep you going for hours before you’re hungry again, which is always a plus when trying to lose weight.

Those are just three healthy breakfasts you can eat to lose weight.

If you get creative and stick to healthy foods (meat, fruit, veggies, eggs, nuts, etc), you can come up with your own breakfast ideas pretty easily.

Don’t wanna be creative or create your own meals?

That’s OK.

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